Karen Davila Son with Autism Voted for the First Time: “What a milestone”

Son of Karen Davila with Autism Voted for the First Time

Veteran broadcaster Karen Davila is proud of his son that has autism after he voted in the national elections for the first time.

Karen Davila, an ABS-CBN news anchor, took to social media to share her joy that her eldest son David, 20, has already cast his first ballot. Karen viewed the event as a milestone moment in their mother and son’s lives.

Karen Davila Son Voted

“PROUD OF YOU DAVID 🙌🏼 What a milestone! David, now 20 years old voted for the first time,” Karen said in her Instagram post on May 10. Attached to the IG post is a photo of the child where he points his finger with indelible ink, signaling that he has finished voting.

David suffers from autism. Karen explained David’s motivation for voting. David texted her and inquired if he was a registered voter, which startled her, according to her report. As a result, she registered him, which made him quite happy.

Karen and DJ Sta, her husband Ana walked David through sample ballots, explaining what the candidates stood for and assisting him with his list. David waited in line with his father for four hours on election day, May 9.

Karen was overjoyed for her son David as a result. “As a mom of a special child, it makes me SO GRATEFUL and HAPPY that David is aware, concerned and very present at the moment! Kids in the Autism Spectrum can live better lives if parents intervene early! As a parent, this is the best gift we can give them! ️ ”

“Love you David ️ You make me so happy! Proud of you son!” added by the veteran journalist.

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