Kiko Matos Expressed Condolences for the Loss of Rendon Labador’s Facebook

In the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Kiko Matos is known, as a rising content creator and actor today. However, he gained more public recognition when he and Baron Geisler challenged each other through a bold exchange of words and eventually faced off in the MMA octagon ring.

Baron Kiko

Kiko Matos often exudes anger and profanity, especially when he dislikes something. This became more evident when he couldn’t hold back his words after Rendon Labador’s Facebook account disappeared.

Kiko Matos On Rendon Labador

In a video that surfaced, Kiko Matos appeared to be saddened and expressed sympathy for Rendon Labador. He conveyed his condolences for the loss of Labador’s social media presence, almost as if it were a dream that Labador would wake up from. However, in subsequent statements, he began laughing and cursing at Labador, seemingly mocking him.

At one point in his tirade, he referred to Rendon Labador as “boy Kanin” (rice boy) and ridiculed the phrase “ako gusto ko lang itama ang mali” (I just want to correct the wrong), which Labador often used. Kiko used the phrase, “e ngayon ano ang gagawin mo, ang pagkakamali mo ay tinama na nila, titinama na ng buong bayan” (So now, what are you going to do? Your mistake has been corrected by everyone, the whole nation has corrected it). Following this, Kiko thanked the entire Philippines and said, “it’s a Good Day today… Wala na ang Facebook ni Rendon Labador” (Rendon Labador’s Facebook is gone).

Kiko Reading Message for Rendon Labador

Kiko Matos also offered some advice to Rendon Labador, who is known as a self-proclaimed motivational speaker. He advised Labador to focus on self-improvement rather than getting involved in other people’s issues. He also mentioned the issue of “It’s Showtime” being suspended due to Labador’s actions, which he claimed first caught the attention of the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board). He attributed the public’s celebration to Labador’s Facebook account disappearing.

In the end, Kiko Matos dedicated a song to Rendon Labador, showcasing his talent as an artist.

As for Labador’s response, there has been no statement as to whether he will engage with Kiko Matos, as he is also known to be a confrontational individual, or if he will disregard it and focus on resolving his own problems.

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