Kim Atienza Shares Meaningful Post Amid Zeinab-Wilbert Issue

Kim Atienza Shares Meaningful Post About Fame Amid Zeinab-Wilbert Issue

Trivia master Kuya Kim Atienza shared a meaningful post amid the controversial Zeinab-Wilbert issue online.

While the internet community is buzzing over the current topic involving female vlogger Zeinab Harake and talent manager Wilbert Tolentino, Kuya Kim came to Facebook to deliver a “message of wisdom” to the netizens. Wilbert makes the public aware of Zeinab’s foul disposition.

 Kim Atienza Zeinab-Wilbert Issue

The talent manager exposed the female YouTuber by displaying images of the former’s disparaging remarks about celebrities and other vloggers. Zeinab was criticized online for “backstabbing” other people as a result of this. Some vloggers retaliated against the female vlogger’s “nasty” remarks.

However, several people believed that Wilbert erred by disclosing his private chats with Zeinab. In the midst of this controversy, several of the celebrities featured in Wilbert’s screenshot exposé made the decision to keep quiet, including YouTube celebrity vloggers Alex Gonzaga and Ivana Alawi, who have over 10 million subscribers combined.

In the midst of the uproar surrounding Zeinab and Wilbert, Kuya Kim visited Facebook and posted inspirational quotes about fame. Kuya Kim asserts that fame is ephemeral and subject to fading at any time.

“Fame is so fleeting, so temporary. Ingat sa sinasabi o pinopost pag sikat ka. Baka sa isang taon, di ka na sikat, you will be totally humbled,” he said.

Kuya Kim stated that his message is only a general reminder for him, his fellow celebs, and vloggers in the comment area. He said that the statement targets no one.

“This post is for me, my co-workers on tv, vloggers or anyone under the spotlight. Wala akong personal na pinatatamaan. Back to you guys,” Kuya Kim wrote.

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