Joseph Morong Shares Heartbreaking Story of a Lolo and a Boy

Joseph Morong was Touched by the Story of a Lolo Feeding a Boy

GMA journalist Joseph Morong shared a heartbreaking story a lolo (elderly man) feeding a little boy in the street.

Joseph Morong used Facebook to describe a situation that he saw firsthand in an unnamed location, rather than breaking news. A picture of an elderly man feeding a young boy on the streets was posted by Joseph.

Joseph Morong Lolo Boy

The GMA News reporter claimed that he initially assumed it to be merely a customary interaction between a grandfather and his grandson but was moved upon learning more. According to a post he made on Facebook on Thursday, October 20, Joseph captured a picture of a grandfather feeding a boy while seated at the edge of the garden.

Morong initially assumed the youngster was his grandfather’s grandson, but the truth was much more heartwarming. According to Joseph, the youngster was adopted by the elderly guy from his mentally ill mother.

“Initially thought it’s a Grandfather and his grandson sharing a meal but it turns out Kuya adopted the kid from a Mom who had mental health problems,” Joseph shared.

According to Joseph, when the boy was still young, the elderly guy took pity on him because he was simply sleeping on cardboard beside the municipal hall. As stated in his post, he has been with him for six years.

Joseph also shared his reflections here. “Truly, sometimes, those who have little have so much more to give. At hindi sila ganid.”

His post has gained a lot of attention on social media and received numerous responses and comments from internet users. Additionally, online users offered the two their sympathies. The boy’s grandfather and other names were not disclosed by Joseph.

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