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Korean Child Spends $115,000 Of Dad’s Money On Live-Streaming Stars

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Korean Child Spends $115,000 Giving Gifts To Live-Streamers

KOREAN CHILD SPENDS $115,000 – The online entertainment platform has ballooned in the past years gaining exponentially more viewers, especially amid the quarantine.

Its appeal is quite simple, you watch your favorite streamers play games, or other things live and you support them by giving donations. This way, the audience could get more connected with their favorite streamer.

However, in South Korea, there had been a rise of unauthorized payments made to such platforms. Unfortunately for one family, live-streaming donations cost them a new house.

Korean Child Spends $115,000 Of Dad's Money On Live-Streaming Stars

A 48-Year-old father from Seoul, South Korea, was shocked to see that over 130 million won or $115,000 was gone from his bank account. He said that he and his wife have been saving that money to get a new house.

It turned out that their 11-year-old daughter was the culprit for the money’s sudden disappearance. According to an article from South China Morning Post, their little girl sent “diamonds” to her favorite streamers through an app called “Hakuna Live”.

Furthermore, the girl sent 130 million won worth of diamonds to 35 streamers between August 3 and 12. Along with this, her parents reported that she had been using her mother’s phone to do the transactions.

“My wife always leaves her phone unlocked since she is visually impaired and suffers from brain damage“, said the child’s father. He reached out to all 35 streamers and asked for a reimbursement. Several agreed to give them a refund. Unfortunately, around 46 million won or $40,000 could not be recovered.

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