Advantages And Disadvantages Of Culture – Examples

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Culture? (Answers)

CULTURE – Around the Globe, there are thousands upon thousands of different cultures, however, what is its advantages and disadvantages?

Surely, having your own culture is something to be proud of. Culture in and of itself is a means of identity. It what makes a community unique from the rest. Furthermore, being part of a certain culture makes gives us a sense of oneness knowing that people share your beliefs.

For example, The Philippines, being an archipelago, holds a slew of different cultures in every island. This makes some Filipinos unique from the others. However, several Filipino traits, traditions, and cultures bind its people together. These include resiliency, love for family, religion, respectfulness, and of course, the concepts of Bayanihan.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Culture – Examples

But, as proud as we may be being so engulfed in one’s culture and tradition may come at a price. Instead of fully accepting new norms, ideals, and a modern progressive way of thinking, some might come off as closed minded.

Naturally, cultural integration helps out a lot. In fact, it helps improve familiarity to other cultures and tolerance. As such, ignorance, fear, and hostility is reduced. Still, depending on one’s own values based on their culture still plays a significant role.

A prime example of this is the Philippines being a primarily Catholic country. This, paired with the the beliefs of other religions, make it hard to push for a more progressive system.

Currently, most of the country don’t fully accept the ideals of the LGBTQ, instead, they tolerate it. As such, the consensus for many is that members of the LGBTQ can have relationships, but they can’t legally get married.

In a given nation, people need to get along, and that includes people of different cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

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