Liza Soberano “Napupuno” Due To Social Issues In Philippines

Liza Soberano Speaks Up On Social Issues In PH, Says She Is “Napupuno Na”

LIZA SOBERANO – Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano says “Napupuno na po ako” when it comes to social issues in the country.

It’s no surprise that the Philippines has encountered several controversial issues, especially this year. As such, Liza said that she could no longer remain silent about them.

During an interview, Liza said she was at her limit when it came to the social issues plaguing the Philippines. However, the actress admitted that she was never someone who would speak up about these issues.

Liza Soberano "Napupuno" Due To Social Issues In Philippines
Image from: Liza Soberano | Facebook

But, as thousands begin to speak up about the issues, Liza got the inspiration to take a stand. According to an article from Inquirer, the actress said:

Before I wasn’t the type to talk about such issues but I’ve always had my fair share of opinions on them. I just didn’t feel comfortable with sharing them because I knew that people would always have something to say about my opinion.”

Afterward, Liza emphasized that she gained courage from people who fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. “That has inspired me to stand up for myself and start speaking on behalf of those who cannot do so.”, she added.

Back when ABS-CBN was about to be shut-down, the actress was among those questioned the priorities of the government. She noted that even amid a pandemic, lawmakers still decided to prioritize shutting down the network rather than helping Filipinos affected by the coronavirus.

Aside from this, Liza was also one of the celebrities who condemned president Rodrigo Duterte for giving a pardon to U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton.

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