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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Vice Ganda Shares Issues With Family, Money : “Porket Maraming Pera…”

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Vice Ganda Shares Issues With Family, Says His Family Is Not Perfect

VICE GANDA SHARES ISSUES – Naturally, the idea of a perfect family is a concept that most of us could only imagine, everybody has issues and Vice Ganda is no exception.

From the outside looking in, one would say that a celebrity such as Vice Ganda would have everything he’d ever wanted. He’s rich, has a successful career, and a relationship that people could only dream of. However, these are merely projections seen on the surface.

In fact, Vice Ganda himself said that his “family is not perfect”. Furthermore, he emphasized that even though he has a lot of possessions, money, and fame, issues back home couldn’t be avoided.

Vice Ganda Shares Issues With Family, Money : "Porket Maraming Pera..."
Image from: COSMO

“Yung chikang nasa iyo na ang lahat. That’s so untrue. Marami akong mayroon, marami akong natanggap, marami akong pag-aari. Pero for me no one can say na nasa akin na ang lahat”, Vice said.

According to an article from Bandera, Vice said “porket marami kayong pera, maayos ang bahay niyo ay maganda ang pamilya niyo, hindi“. Additionally, the comedian said that he hopes that his family would become happier in the future with all the issues within his family to be settled.

As per the article, Vice reiterated that he has a normal family and that it’s an “imperfect family”. Still, even with these issues, Vice looks happy with his love life with boyfriend and fellow “It’s Showtime” cast, Ion Perez.

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