‘Maid In Malacañang, ‘Katips’ Films are ‘Basura’ Says Jay Altarejos

Jay Altarejos Called ‘Maid In Malacañang, ‘Katips’ Films ‘Basura’

The award-winning director Jay Altarejos expressed his reactions to the two martial law films ‘Maid In Malacañang’ and ‘Katips’.

Altarejos believes that rival films “Maid in Malacañang” and “Katips” are cast in the same mold. In a media interview given to commemorate his 15th year as a director, Altarejos claimed that the individuals responsible for them are capitalists since they brag about their income.

Jay Altarejos Malacañang Katips

He stated that the directors are contributing to the issues rather than trying to resolve them. He thinks that if these movies were really made for the country, they ought to have been offered for free screenings to the general population.

“‘Katips’ and ‘Maid in Malacañang’ are in the same mold. Look at them. They are both vying kung sino mas malaki ang kinita. Itong isa nagsasabi na malaki ang kinita namin pero joke lang daw. So that’s disinformation. You are not helping to solve the problem. You are being part of the problem,” he said.  

“At kung totoong pelikula mo ay para sa bayan kahit na ito ay para sa ‘Katips’ o para sa ‘Maid’ dapat binigay niyo yan ng libre para sa mga tao. Kaya tayo ay namimigay ng libreng sine. Poser ‘yang dalawang ‘yan. Magkapareho lang sila. Wala silang pinagkaiba. Sino nagpalabas ng libre sa kanila? Nagyayabangan pa kung sino mas malaking kinita. Kapitalista pala kayo e. Hindi para sa bayan ‘yan,” he added.  

Additionally, he declared that he would skip the controversial director Darryl Yap’s film and the one on the Philippines’ most outstanding man. He emphasized how “basura,” or rubbish, the two movies are.

Vincent M. Taada is the writer and director of the musical drama movie Katips. It tells the story of a group of student activists from Quezon City’s Katipunan neighborhood who fought to oppose the declaration of martial law across the country in the 1970s.

A few of the actors in the movie are Jerome Ponce, Vince Taada, Mon Confiado, Sazchna Laparan, and Nicole Laurel Asensio. The last 72 hours that the Marcos family spent in the Palace are depicted in the movie Maid in Malacaang.

The film stars Ruffa Gutierrez as Imelda Romualdez Marco, Cesar Montano as former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr., Diego Loyzaga as president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Cristine Reyes as senator Imee Marcos, and Ella Cruz as Irene Marcos.

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