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PNP Forensic Claims Body Can Decompose Within 2 Weeks

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PNP Forensic Group Says Body Can Possibly Decompose Within 2 Weeks

A medico legal officer of Philippine National Police (PNP) forensic group claimed that a body can possibly decompose within 2 to 2.5 weeks.

In an interview with Radyo Bandera Philippines, Dr. Thirdy Acosta of the PNP Forensic Group describes the stages of human corpse decomposition in relation to the remains of Jovelyn Galleno that were discovered. The 22-year-old graduate who has been missing for more than two weeks.

PNP Forensic Body Decompose

After several weeks of searching, Jovelyn’s location were revealed by a suspect, and the bones were found in a Palawan forest. According to Acosta, there are some elements that, from the perspective of forensics, could explain the decomposition process.

“In this case kasi…something may have happened to the body that may affect the decomposition process, that may or may not hasten the process…” he said.

 “We have to emphasize also the factors that could affect the decomposition process, mainly, location, kung saan inilibing yung katawan. Of course, I am not familiar with the geography of Palawan, pero from the looks of the picture, it was located in a very isolated area, na medyo magubat, madamo, that would suggest that the place is moist…so pagka medyo moist kasi, nagfo-foster kasi iyan ng bacterial activities…” he added

He added that body position can have an impact on the decomposition process and that bacteria play a significant part in starting a regular decomposition. Acosta believes it’s not completely impossible, in response to netizens’ inquiries about if this is doable.

“To answer your question kung possible ba’s not entirely impossible, kasi I have a case in my area, one body I examined, 12 days lang exposed yung skull…” the doctor recounted.

The doctor said it’s possible when asked if the bones could show up as they were identified within two to two and a half weeks of day one. “Yes, it’s a possibility…” said the doctor. The doctor explained that if the body does not have any clothes, it also hastens the decomposition process.

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