Kris Is Allegedly The Reason Why ‘ILYH’ Box Office Gross Is Lower Than Expected

Allegedly, Kris Aquino is the reason why the box office gross of ‘I Love You, Hater’ (ILYH) is lower that what was expected.

The recent movie of Star Cinema ‘I Love You, Hater’ or ‘ILYH’ served as the comeback movie of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino after a few years of taking a break.

This film featured one of the famous millennial love teams JoshLia (Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto).

Since the news about this comeback movie of Kris has been a hot topic on social media and mainstream media, there is a certain expectation tacitly imposed.

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And this is about the box office gross, one of the basis if the movie is really a hit or not.

Based on the article published in Pilipino Star Ngayon, the box office gross of ILYH was lower than what was the expected figure.

It was said that there are those who are blaming the low movie income to Kris Aquino.

This is for the reason that the public did not like the publicity stunt of the social media queen, based on the article.

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In a report published in PEP, it was stated that the first-day gross of Kris’ comeback movie with JoshLia has reached PHP 5.5 million.

It was not bad, according to the report, but the expected profit was PHP 10 million. This came from the expectation of PHP 100 million for the full-run gross.

In order to reach that amount, fans of Kris, as well as of JoshLia should double time in organizing block screenings.

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The word of mouth from the people who already watched it could also help for the promotion of ‘ILYH’, based on the article.

In ‘I Love You, Hater’, Joshua plays the character of Joko who is trying his best to help his family survive while Julia is Zoey in the movie. She works hard to prove her worth. Kris plays Sasha who wants to hire an assistant.

The story of ‘ILYH‘ revolves on the competition between Joko and Zoey for the job.


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