Nuns Slams MIM Teaser Showing Cory Aquino Playing Mahjong

Nuns “not amused” with MIM Teaser Showing Cory Aquino Playing Mahjong

Director Darryl Yap was slammed by nuns who were with former President Cory Aquino over the new teaser of Maid In Malacañang.

The identity of the former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s character has been made public in the most recent teaser for the Darryl Yap-directed film. Actress Giselle Sanchez portrays the late president in the role.

Cory Aquino Nuns

Cory can be seen playing “mahjong” in the film with nuns in the teaser. The image of nuns, however, did not delight members of the Order of the Carmelites situated in Mabolo, Cebu City.

“God forgive them. That’s totally fake news,” an official of the order told Sunstar.

“Wala mi nalipay sa ilang giistorya,” she added.

Cory Aquino Nuns

The aforementioned official was a nun who hosted the late president after he attended several rallies in Cebu City. The official stated that Aquino arrived at their monastery around 9 p.m. February 22, 1986, also known as the date of the first Edsa People Power Revolution

The official said that she was taken to the monastery after being pursued by assassins together with other opposition figures in Cebu, including late Cebu City congressman Antonio “Tony” Cuenco. But after 11 a.m., Aquino departed the convent. as she departs the following day for Manila.

Maid in Malacañang is a reenactment of the Ferdinand Marcos’ last three days in power before he was deposed during the first People Power Revolution. The film stars Ruffa Gutierrez as Imelda Romualdez Marco, Cesar Montano as former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr., Diego Loyzaga as president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Cristine Reyes as senator Imee Marcos, and Ella Cruz as Irene Marcos.

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