Friday, March 31, 2023

Kentucky Death Toll Rises to 35 as Heavy Rain Continues

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Kentucky Death Toll Rises to 35 with Hundreds Still Unaccounted

Kentucky death toll continues to rise amid the relentless rain and more severe flooding in the region.

On Monday, heavy rain ravaged the mountain communities and it caused the soil to soften. People are told to be alert as heavy and strong winds can cause lots of damage.

According to The Wall Street Journal, endless flooding and heavy rain in the U.S state of Kentucky have recorded the death of thirty-five (35) people including four (4) children. Rain continues to pour as the search-and-rescue team was still searching for the other missing person.

Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear reported that hundreds of people were still unaccounted for five days, after one of the nation’s poorest districts ravaged by the storm. He stated during a press conference held in the state capital, that citizens now had to deal with strong winds.

If things weren’t hard enough on the people of this region, they’re getting rain right now,” he said.

Bridges have fallen under the weight of flooding as a result of the saturated ground’s inability to absorb further water. Isolating cities and communities and making rescue efforts more difficult.

The report also mentioned that the victims are four siblings, aged two to eight, who were among those killed when their family’s home in a remote area in Kentucky was washed away. The children have been identified in the media by their family members as Chance Noble, two; Navaeh Noble, 2; Riley Noble Jr., 6; and Maddison Noble, 8.

Photo lifted from: KKTV

Their parents Riley Noble and Amber Smith received the flood alert in Knott country early on Thursday morning. They managed to get their children out of the house, but as the floodwater rose, they were forced to watch as it washed away. Sadly the four children were pulled away by the strong water.

Last Thursday, Beshear issued a state of emergency. U.S President Joe Biden granted Kentucky’s request for a federal disaster declaration in 13 of the state’s counties, releasing funds for relief work.

Beshear claimed that after disruptions hindered relief efforts. Progress was being made toward reestablishing mobile phone connectivity in affected areas. Although Beshear was positive toward restoring coverage, more than 12000 people remained out of power.

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