“Our Queen will be Back Very Soon” Is Kris Aquino About to Make Her Long-Awaited Comeback?

“Our Queen will be back very soon,” declared a Twitter post featuring a throwback video of Kris Aquino smiling while walking. Kris Aquino is currently undergoing treatment in the United States due to her illness, and she is accompanied by her children.

Kris Aquino Family

There have also been discussions in the past about her relationship with Congressman Marl Leviste, with various speculations about the status of their relationship. On Instagram, there are pictures of the two together while Kris is undergoing treatment, and there have been moments showcasing bonding time with Kris’s children, particularly Josh and Congressman Leviste.

Mark Leviste Kris Aquino

In a Twitter post with the caption “Our Queen will be back very soon, STRONGER and BETTER! We miss you, Kris, ALWAYS!” is there mention of her swift and complete recovery After the updates on the improvement of her condition following a series of treatments in the United States, could this be the signal of her comeback? This news coincides with reports that the actress’s condition is improving after her series of treatments.

Many of us admire Kris Aquino for her influence in showbiz and even in her family’s politics, making her one of the leading product endorsers. Her illness surprised and saddened many of us.

Mark Leviste Kris Aquino

It’s possible that this Twitter account belongs to Miss Kris Aquino herself or is somehow connected to her, which is why it’s announcing her return. We also wish her the best and send our prayers for her comeback.

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