Thursday, March 23, 2023

Chief Persida Acosta- PAO Retirees Deserves Benefits

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Public Attorney’s Office Retirees Deserves Benefits- PAO Chief Persida Acosta

’40 retirees of PAO or Public Attorney’s Office deserves to have their retirement benefits.’ This is what PAO Chief Persida Acosta have said when the outgoing Budget Secretary Butch Abad hinders the releasing retirement benefits of Public Attorney’s Office retirees that have the amount of P139 million.

Chief Persida Acosta asserted that the computation of retirement benefits is based on PAO Law stating that all the pubic lawyers will receive similar retirement privileges like public prosecutors.

persida acosta

According to persida Acosta, the Committee on Justice has already a House resolution and the Senate sent the law to the DBM to release the retirement benefits of Public Attorney’s Office retirees.

In the report published by philstar, DBM first released the legal opinion stating that the PAO lawyers are not entitled to receive similar benefits received by the prosecutors of National Prosecution Service under Republic Act 1007 or National Prosecution Service Law.

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