Philmar Alipayo Shares Meaningful Quote on Instagram

Philmar Alipayo, renowned surfer and fiancé of actress Andi Eigenmann, recently shared a thought-provoking quote on his Instagram Stories, emphasizing the significance of discipline over motivation. On Friday, June 14, Alipayo posted a succinct yet impactful message: “Discipline will take you places, motivation can’t.”


The quote underscores the idea that while motivation can spark initial enthusiasm, it is a discipline that sustains long-term progress and achievement. This message resonated deeply with Alipayo’s followers, many of whom look up to him not just for his surfing prowess but also for his commitment to family and personal growth.

Philmar Alipayo, affectionately known as Chepoxz, is a prominent figure in the surfing community. Born in 1992, he has made a name for himself as an expert surfer based in Siargao, a paradise island in the Philippines. His relationship with Andi Eigenmann, a celebrated actress, has also placed him in the limelight. The couple met on Siargao, and their love story has since captivated many. They now live together on the island with their children, embodying a lifestyle that blends simplicity with adventure.

In recent days, Alipayo has been in the news not just for his inspiring quotes but also due to a viral video that sparked some controversy. The video showed him conversing with a girl, leading to various speculations. Addressing the issue, Philmar admitted he was drunk during the encounter but emphasized that he knows his limits. He expressed that he could not bear going home feeling guilty of any wrongdoing. His partner, Andi Eigenmann, stood by him, stating her trust in Philmar, which helped quell the rumors.

Meanwhile, content creator Crissa Liaging, the girl seen with Philmar in the viral video, seemed to have responded pointedly to his statements during an Interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.” This has added another layer to the public’s interest in the incident, though both Philmar and Andi appear to remain unfazed by the buzz.

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Philmar Alipayo’s recent post about discipline is a testament to his character and his approach to life. By valuing discipline over fleeting motivation, he sets an example for his followers, demonstrating that true success and integrity come from consistent effort and adherence to one’s principles. This philosophy not only contributes to his success as a surfer but also his role as a devoted partner and father, living harmoniously in the idyllic setting of Siargao.

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