Ruffa Gutierrez Wows at Annabelle Rama’s Reaction to Rowena

Annabelle Rama’s Reaction Against Rowena Guanzon Wows Ruffa Gutierrez

Maid in Malacañan star Ruffa Gutierrez wows at the reaction of her mother Annabelle Rama against Ex-Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon.

The TikTok video of Ruffa has gone viral after she asked her mother Annabelle Rama, what she can say to “that girl Guanzon” or former Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon. She directed the camera at her mother after Ruffa asked what she might say to “girl Guanzon.”

“Mom, ano message mo kay Guanzon? That girl Guanzon” the actress-beauty queen asked, which replied by the talent manager “Hay naku, no comment”.

Annabelle Reaction to Rowena

Ruffa’s mother’s unexpectedly harsh attitude left her and the others in the area in awe. Annabelle is too preoccupied with organizing her jewelry, according to her caption.

It will be recalled that Ruffa’s mother posted on social media against “sawsawera” believed was for the Queen of Bardagulan. Netizens are already anticipating Rama and Guanzon’s bardagulan. The “patutsada” was prompted after Guanzon accused Ruffa of terminating her housekeepers without compensating them.

She referred Guanzon as “chismosang Marites” and “CCTV ni Ruffa.” She even advised her to keep her attention solely on her own situation rather than meddling in her son’s life. Guanzon seems to have given a hint as part of a game.

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