‘Harutan’ of Sandro Marcos, Aniela Tolentino in Congress Criticized

Sandro Marcos, Aniela Tolentino ‘Harutan’ in Congress Elicits Reactions The online community criticized the alleged ‘harutan’ of Senior Deputy Majority Leader Sandro Marcos Rep. Sandro Marcos at Rep. Aniela Tolentino. Netizens were not pleased with the viral video showing Tolentino, a representative from Cavite’s 8th District, and Marcos, the president’s son, having fun together. In … Read more

AJ Raval Mother Slams Netizen Claiming the AJ Has Baby Bump

Mother of AJ Raval Simply Scolded Netizen Over Baby Bump Claim The mother of AJ Raval simply scolded the netizen who was claiming that the actress allegedly had a baby bump. The actress AJ Raval’s mother, Alyssa Alvarez, simply slammed the internet user who said that her daughter’s pregnancy lump or bump is obvious. The … Read more

Ruffa Gutierrez Wows at Annabelle Rama’s Reaction to Rowena

Annabelle Rama’s Reaction Against Rowena Guanzon Wows Ruffa Gutierrez Maid in Malacañan star Ruffa Gutierrez wows at the reaction of her mother Annabelle Rama against Ex-Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon. The TikTok video of Ruffa has gone viral after she asked her mother Annabelle Rama, what she can say to “that girl Guanzon” or former Comelec … Read more