Someone Claims to Know Who Manipulated Miss Universe Top 5 Results in Viral Post

After the recently concluded 72nd Miss Universe, many of us were hopeful that our representative, Michelle Dee, would make it to the top 5 or even clinch the crown. However, a significant number of our fellow countrymen were disappointed with the results of the pageant, where Michelle Dee did not enter the top 5 despite making it to the top 10.

Michelle Dee

Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua was crowned the 2023 Miss Universe. However, controversy surrounded the pageant when an art card of the MU Top 5 surfaced. In the initial image, Michelle Dee was included in the top 5, but after some time, the post was allegedly replaced, omitting Michelle Dee from the top 5.

Miss U Top 5 Controversy

In a post by Helloworld0321, a person named Mario claimed to know who manipulated the top 5, suggesting that the judges were aware of something fishy. The post also mentioned the humiliation of other candidates, expressing sympathy for them. The post questioned Michelle Dee’s exclusion from the top 5, especially after she earned awards like “Voice for Change” and the “Carnaval Special Award” among 84 contestants. Michelle Dee allegedly worked hard for the crown.

The post raised concerns about the immediate replacement of Michelle Dee from the top 5 on the MU art card, suggesting insider knowledge, even implicating the cameraman who supposedly knew the results while closely following Michelle. The post hinted at the existence of a “humiliating act inside Miss Universe.” It urged Miss Universe to take action and reveal the truth.

Miss U Top 5 Controversy

Regardless of the validity of this post, it emphasizes the need to await the official response from the Miss Universe organization, as their reputation is at stake. As Filipinos, we hold onto our belief in truth and await the unfolding of the real story behind this matter.

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