Andrea Brillantes Opts to Unfollow Kathryn Bernardo on Instagram after Kathryn Unfollowed Her in the Past

Today November 19, 2023, Andrea Brillantes appears to have unfollowed Kathryn Bernardo on Instagram Andrea’s name surprised many after it became a topic of online conversation. It all started when netizens noticed that Kathryn was no longer on her social media. These observations spanned just a few days since Kathryn unfollowed Andrea on the said platform.

Andrea Brillantes Unfollow Kathryn Bernardo

Recently, talent manager Ogie Diaz’s statement also made headlines, where he considered the separation of the KathNiel love team, composed of Kathryn and Daniel, according to their fans. However, Ogie emphasized that there is no confirmation yet and expressed hope that it’s just misinformation.

Based on his source, Ogie also mentioned something about Andrea allegedly being secretly seen with Daniel. He brought this up without clear confirmation but hoped it wasn’t true. This led to Ogie Diaz trending as a Fake News Peddler, and netizens threatened to mass report his YouTube channel.

Andrea Brillantes Unfollow Kathryn Bernardo

Despite the speculations, KathNiel once again cast doubt on their breakup news when they were spotted enjoying a dance together at an event organized by a well-known luxury Swiss watch brand.

In the past few days, netizens took notice of Kathryn unfollowing Andrea, an action that often signals misunderstandings or disagreements in the world of social media. However, just like the renewed display of sweetness by KathNiel at a prominent event, it brings a different twist to the narrative of stars in the showbiz industry. While things are not yet fully aligned, netizens continue to share updates and hope for the reconciliation of one of the most beloved tandems in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Andrea Brillantes Unfollow Kathryn Bernardo

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