Super Foods For A Healthier Summer


Super Foods That Will Make Your Summer Complete

Super foods doesn’t have to be expensive, and oily. These super foods will surely keep you more beautiful and hydrated!

Super foods


Watermelon. Well I can say is, it’s the staple food this summer! This sweet and juicy fruit is a typical one for all of us, but also a favorite to many. Watermelon keeps you hydrated and fresh under the heat of the sun. Plus it has lots of vitamin C which plays a major role in hydration and makes your skin soft. it boosts your skin’s SPF from inside.


Tomatoes. It is Mother Nature’s sunscreen! Did you know that? People who eat tomatoes were safer against the sun’s harsh rays. Tomatoes are a key source of an antioxidant called carotenoids.



Green and Tea. They are very rich in polyphenols, one of the most influential botanical antioxidants recognized and appreciated today. They combat free radical contact and enhance skin’s antioxidant shield from the inside out. Two drinking cups a day lessen the threat of evolving cell skin cancer. Green tea is a fat reducer, cuts down extra body fat and helps us maintain a physically fit body.


Dark Chocolate.  Yes, as many already knew, it boosts your brain cells making you more nerdy! Drinking dark chocolate helps in increasing SPF level. It fights against tenderness of skin and the damage caused by oxidation. It contains more polyphenols than tea. it also guards your skin from sun tan and cancer.



Fish. Say goodbye bacon and eggs first. Eat more fish this summer! Fish is a very nutritional food, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is really good for the skin. It also has amazing powers to work against inflammation.



Carrots. they contain a lot of beta-carotenes, which increases in skin protection. These carotenes fight the soreness caused due to skin tanning and improve SPF levels.

Super foods


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