Vice Ganda Quips on Confidential Talent Fee: ‘Mauubos Mo Rin in 11 Days’

In a recent episode of the musical game show “Everybody Sing,” TV personality Vice Ganda brought some laughter and intrigue to the stage when he delved into the topic of talent fees. With his signature wit and humor, Vice Ganda posed a playful question to one of the contestants, sparking a lively conversation that left the audience amused.

During the show, Vice Ganda directed a question at one of the contestants, inquiring, “Ikaw yung manager?” The contestant responded with a quick, “Hindi po yung…”, indicating that they might not be the manager.

With a mischievous grin, Vice Ganda continued, “Ikaw ba yung tipong manager kunyari sasabihin mo na 8,000 lang pero talagang 10,000 yung binigay sa inyo para mas malaki yung sa’yo?”

vice ganda confidential talent fee

The contestant, perhaps wisely, replied, “Secret po talaga ‘yun,” choosing not to reveal any details about their dealings.

Vice Ganda, not one to let an opportunity for humor slip by, continued to playfully tease, “Confidential din yung ano… Confidential din yung talent fee niya. Oo, tapos mauubos mo rin in 11 days. Joke lang,”

The exchange not only had the contestant and the audience chuckling but also shed light on the intriguing and often undisclosed world of talent fees in the entertainment industry. While Vice Ganda’s remarks were made in jest, they offered a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes negotiations and financial arrangements that often take place.

In the world of showbiz, where glamour and secrecy often go hand in hand, it’s refreshing to see celebrities like Vice Ganda bring a lighthearted perspective to what is usually considered a private matter. As “Everybody Sing” continues to entertain audiences, it’s safe to say that moments like these, filled with humor and a touch of reality, keep viewers eagerly tuning in.

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