Wattpaders React on Mariano-Pangilinan Tandem for He’s Into Her Teleserye

Wattpaders reacted on a photo posted by Maxine Lat with Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano in her facebook account captioned “My TagSen”.


Wattpaders were having mixed emotions while looking at the artist line-up for the upcoming teleserye entitled “He’s Into Her” which will be soon be aired on iWant TV. Here are some of their comments.


We’ve waited long enough for this to happen. We should be happy and grateful for everything. We all deserve this. Let’s support the whole cast, and love them, the way we love and support Maxinejiji. Congrats, Ate Max. I love you. I am always proud of your every achievement. And I couldn’t be more proud as a Jijiera, because of this,” Joanne Antisoda Estandarte commented on a photo.


Di bagay sa role ni Taguro si Belle, she looks so young and innocent! yung taguro na nakilala ko astigin yung dating eh,” Shaira Mae Cademia also commented on a photo. (Belle doesn’t fit for the role as Taguro, she looks so young and innocent! The Taguro we knew was too cool to look.)


Kaori or Sue po yung inexpect namen!” Jhenalyn Taghap also commented on a photo. (We’re expecting for Kaori or Sue to play the role!)


Ate Max, ‘pag yan binunggo ni Choco sa locker tingnan ko lang po kong mabubuhay pa yan. Baka matuluyan.” Rean Ibabao also commented on a photo. (Sister Max, if she was beaten by Choco at the locker room, let’s see if she can survive or maybe she’ll die.)

Meanwhile, the #HesIntoHerReveal and Maxpein topped Twitter’s Trend list for today. #HesIntoHerReveal thread has 47.4k tweets, while the Maxpein thread reached 19.3k tweets.

Twitter Trend List

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