Watch: Young Filipino Eyed By Stone Temple Pilot To Be Their New Vocalists

Young Filipino Audition Video To Rock Band “Stone Temple Pilot” Searching For New Vocalists

Young Filipino eyed by the rock band Stone Temple Pilot (STP) to be their new vocalists for his hair-raising voice video audition posted on social media.

STP is an American rock band from San Diego, California that was built on 1989 who is behind the hit songs such as “Interstate Love Song,” “Vasoline,” “Creep” and “Take a Load Off.”

In December 2015, Scott Weiland the lead vocalist of the band passed away so the band needs to commence audition of global hopefuls and fans as a replacement to Weiland.

Young Filipino

A 27 years old Filipino John Borja, made a video and posted it on social media as a submission entry for his audition, singing the hit songs of the band. He is also the “apple of the eye” for the new front man of the said rock band.

Young Filipino

The video of his submission have already more than 100, 000 views on March 2016 and Borja went to California for the third round of the competition, Alternative Nation disclosed. John also clarified the reports that he would officially jam with STP during his interview at the Radio Republic.

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