Birth Flowers By Month


Birth Flowers By Month

Birth Flowers serve as symbols to every person depending on his/her birth month, so here’s to let you know what flower fits you most likely:

Birth Flowers

Offering of flowers can be traditionally traced during the time of the Roman Empire.

“Flora”, is the Roman Goddess of Flowers, and flower festival known as “Floralia” is celebrated in the early spring and there are two temples dedicated to Flora in Rome.

Carnation is the birth flower for January. it is also called the Clove Pink or Gillyflower and can be found n several colors. This Eurasian plant has a scent like spices.

Carnation got its name from the word “coronation and the Greek word is “corone”.

Violet/Iris is for February. it has different shades of blue, yellow and cream, mauve and symbolizes humility, faithfulness, and chastity.

Daffodil is for March celebrants. It is known as Narcissus, and mostly recognized as a yellow flower but other colors include orange and white.

This fragrant flower is commonly found in southern Europe.

While Sweet Pea/ Daisy  if for April. Sweet Pea is a fragrant climbing garden plant, in pastel color, that makes it really famous.

The name was derived from the Latin word “Lathyrus Odoratus”, meaning “pea” and “fragrant”.

Daisies were discovered by Scotsman Richard Jameson in South Africa, but daisies were already existing through discoveries of stone carvings way back 3000BC.

May birth flower is Lily. It has a small fragrant, in a shape of bell flowers.

Rose is for June celebrants.

Larkspur is for July birth flower  which is native to the North Temperature Zone.

Birth Flowers

Gladiolus is the birth flower for August. “Glads” for short, are commonly found in South Africa and to tropical places. “Love at first sight” is the meaning of this flower.

For September, Aster is the flower for your birth month.


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