World’s Biggest Cruise Ship In France


World’s Biggest Cruise Ship Owned By French

World’s Biggest Cruise Ship is handed over to the country France. The ship is about 120,000-tonne, a glamorous luxury home for 8,500 passengers and crew.

World's Biggest Cruise Ship

Harmony of the Seas” is her name.

The cruise ship was handed over to France after a long forty-month engineering feat.

It is the widest ship that was ever built, and it’s 362-meter length, 50 meters longer than the Eiffel Tower.

The enormous cruise ship costs for almost one billion euros. It has sixteen decks and can carry 6,360 passengers and 2,100 crews.

The ship was originally built by STX France boatyard locating in Saint Nazaire, Atlantic coast, and it was for the U.S-based Royal Carribbean Cruises Limited (RCCL).

The handover ceremony took place last Thursday, May 12th.

Richard Fain, head of RCCL, said: “It’s not only the biggest cruise ship in the world, it’s also the most expensive ever built.”

Laurent Castaing, head of STX France, said: “Creating this ship in 40 months is an extraordinary feat — it’s the achievement of thousands of people.”

The “Ultimate Abyss” is a ten-storey slide from top deck to the main deck, being the world’s largest ship-mounted water slide.

it also houses a giant climbing wall, a mini golf, surf simulator, rope slide, floasting jacuzzis, a casino, and a 1,400-seat theatre playing Broadway musicals are just some of the main attractions.

There is also a uniquely built two robot barmen that will serve the passengers in the “Bionic Bar.”

It has its own shopping place and a “Central Park deck having 12,000 wonderful species.

Harmony of the Seas can produce twenty per cent less of carbon dioxide emissions, compared to the two other largest ships.

2,500 workers took part at STX France, took a ten million work hours to finish the enormous ship.

It started its construction in September 2013.



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