Friday, December 2, 2022
biggest scams in the Philippines

BIGGEST SCAMS: Top 10 Biggest Scams In The Philippines

Here are the Top 10 biggest scams in the Philippines These biggest scams in the Philippines made many Filipinos believe that they could easily have...
Instagram Photos

INSTAGRAM PHOTOS – Tips To Take Nice IG Photos On Your Phone

A guide to take good Instagram photos. INSTAGRAM PHOTOS - Here are some useful tips and tricks in order to take a good photos perfect...
Human Body

HUMAN BODY: Facts About Your Own Body That You Probably Don’t Know

Here are the facts about the human body that you probably don't know HUMAN BODY FACTS - These facts about the human body are truly...
cabinet members 2019

CABINET MEMBERS of the Philippines (2019 Updated List w/ Photos)

Here is the 2019 updated list of Cabinet Members of the Philippines (with photos) President Rodrigo Duterte first announced his set of Cabinet Members right...
dunning-kruger effect

Dunning-Kruger Effect: Overview, Signs & How To Overcome

What is the Dunning-Kruger Effect? Here is the overview of the Dunning-Kruger effect, its signs that most people probably do not know, and ways to...
Human Foods

Human Foods For Dogs – Foods That Are Safe For Your Pet

Here are some human foods which are safe for our dogs. HUMAN FOODS - Here is a list of some of the foods for humans...
Dog Barking

DOG BARKING: Right Way To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Here is the right way to solve your problem with a dog barking DOG BARKING - Know the right way to stop your dog from...

Fire Prevention Tips: Household Items That Can Ignite A Fire

As part of fire prevention tips, here are the household items that can ignite a fire FIRE PREVENTION TIPS - Here is the list of...
bone facts

BONE FACTS: 9 Things You Should Know About Bones

Here are 9 BONE FACTS that you should know BONE FACTS - Here is the list of 9 things that you should know about bones...
happy birthday song

13 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The “Happy Birthday” Song

Know these 13 facts about the Happy Birthday song The Happy Birthday song has been a common tune every time a person celebrates the natal...
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