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Earthquake Facts And Fictions

Earthquake Facts and Fictions You Should Know Earthquake facts and fiction can sometimes be misleading, don't know what is true or not.  Here is a guide...
5 Filipino inventions

5 Filipino Inventions You Probably Didn’t Know, #1 Is Just Unbelievable

5 Filipino Inventions Most People Do Not Know 5 Filipino inventions - Filipinos are known all over the world for their hard work, hospitality, and...
parts of speech

Parts Of Speech (Different Kinds, Definitions & Examples)

Here are the different kinds, definitions, and examples of Parts of Speech Parts of speech define the use of a word in a sentence and...

URBAN WORDS: How to Deal with Confusing Definitions

Don't confuse your readers when you're using urban words. This may lead to misinterpretation of your thoughts. Urban words are words that are currently used...

DULA Ayon Kay Sauco – Kahulugan Ng Dula At Iba Pa

Ano Ang Dula Ayon Kay Sauco? (Sagot) DULA AYON KAY SAUCO – Sa paksang ito, ating tatalakayin kung ano nga ba ang tinatawag na Dula...

Kahalagahan Ng Eupemistikong Pahayag – Halimbawa At Iba Pa

Ano Ang Kahalagahan Ng Eupemistikong Pahayag? (Sagot) KAHALAGAHAN NG EUPEMISTIKONG PAHAYAG – Bakit nga ba tayo gumagamit ng eupemistikong pahayag? Ito ang tanong na ating...

Pagkakaiba Ng Pamayanan At Lipunan​​ Kahulugan At Halimbawa

Ano Ang Pagkakaiba Ng Pamayanan At Lipunan​? (Sagot) PAMAYANAN AT LIPUNAN – Sa paksang ito, ating pag-aaralan kung ano nga ba ang Pagkakaiba Ng Pamayanan...
Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal Facts About Him

Jose Rizal's Amazing Facts You Probably Didn't Know Yet Jose P. Rizal, doctor and National hero and his name will always be present in our...
Month of May

Month of May Facts And Trivia

Month of May is One of the famous months of the year, so here are some facts. Month of May, famously known as Month of...

Lines Our Minds Should Always Remember In Dealing With Life

There are lines that are meant to keep the fire of perseverance to live in us alive. LINES - The world is a hard ground...
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