Animal Cruelty-Free Advocates Are On The Rise: Thanks To Big Fashion Houses, Like Armani. Find Out Why.

Animal fur production has been popular ever since in fashion industry, and it has been a norm (somehow), but faux fur or fake fur is being used as an alternative since the 1930s by different fashion designers, until now.

Following the advocacies and non-stop campaigns of different organizations and petitions from all over the world, such as Fur Free Alliance, Humane Society International, and animal rights non-profit PETA, have caught the attention of many companies all around the world most especially designers in the fashion industry.

Legendary designer Giorgio Armani, who is first known to his menswear design collections more than a decade ago has recently took a stand against animal cruelty and has pledged to finally stop the use of animal fur in all his collections, beginning in his fall/winter 2016.

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Joh Vinding, Fur Free Alliance chairman quoted, “ it makes it clear that designers and consumers can have creative freedom and luxury all without supporting animal cruelty”.

Take note of “creative freedom”, yes! We can be more creative and fashionable without the use of animal skin and fur, where one can be as stylish as Cate Middleton and guilt-free at the same time!
“Probably the most powerful message yet that killing animals for their fur is never fashionable”, said Humane Society International upon hearing the announcement.
Innovative technology has made the production of alternative materials available in order to minimize animal fur production, thus making it unnecessary, and not be in use in the future to help save more animals in every farm or factory.

Fur production can be obtained through trapping and using fur “farms”. With trap clamp down animal’s leg or head, they suffer for hours or even a day in the middle of agony while crushing their nerves, muscles, and bones before being shot by the trapper. While so called fur “farms” keep animals living in their feces in small cages where they literally go insane and eventually being electrocuted.

Yes, that’s the sad reality behind every luxurious animal fur coat people used to buy in some boutiques. It’s not what they say the “natural” and “green” way as others may call it.

Those coats are treated with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. So what are the risks? Waters polluted severely and human health is at high risk if contacted with the treated fur. Can you still call it the “green” way?

It is always a great and wonderful thing to know that more and more people are willing to give up millions of dollars of profit just to take a stand and support the welfare of animals.

Are you also willing to take the stand? It’s yours to decide. 🙂

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