Sunday, February 5, 2023

‘Kilig’: Now Officially In Oxford English Dictionary

The Filipino word Kilig is now officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary for the new batch of words for March 2016. According to the Oxford...

Bottle Feeding No Good To Infants

Bottle Feeding Risks Babies' Immune System, Research Says Bottle feeding to babies has always been a nor or a "tradition" in this modern era, but...
Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal Facts About Him

Jose Rizal's Amazing Facts You Probably Didn't Know Yet Jose P. Rizal, doctor and National hero and his name will always be present in our...

Hope For Paws Rescued Dog Couple

Hope For Paws Rescued Dogs In A Truck Yard  Hope For Paws, a rescue group in Los Angeles California, just got a call about two...

Genes Reformation: A Boost To Space

Genes Reformation Provides Answers. Why can’t humans survive in space? Simple, the thin air and harsh ionizing radiation for any length of time or the...

Earth’s Axis Unusual Change In Rotation

Earth's Axis Unusual Change In Rotation Gathered Great Attention From Scientists And Researchers Earth's rotation changed its direction recently was discovered by Nasa's scientists and...

MTV Movies Award 2016

MTV Movie Awards Night Last Saturday Is Filled With Extraordinary Events By Extraordinary People MTV Movie Awards Night was filled with exquisite outfits from amazing...

Panda Reproduction Calls for Special Deals

To Prohibit The Pulling Down Of The Panda Race, Its Reproduction Comes With Special Deals. Do you also find that black and white bear cute...

Depression Is What Makes A Relationship Struggle

Depression. Familiar To Everybody, But Misunderstood By Many. Depression can result through many in-explainable reasons: Traumatic past experiences, sever trust issues, and the like. But how is it to love a...

Canyoneering Is More Fun In Cebu, Philippines

Canyoneering is the sport of exploring a canyon through rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping. In Cebu, Philippines, tourists and locals visit the famous "Canyoneering...
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