Trending! Top 10 Retokada Pinoy Celebrities You Didn’t know


Top 10 Shocking Retokada Pinoy Celebrities that I bet You Didn’t know.

Top 10 Shocking Retokada Pinoy celebrities video went viral on the social media.

The video showed the list of the famous celebrities in the Philippines who are improved some part of their body to look better and maintain their youthful glow to sustain their careers.

The shocking video gained different reactions from the netizens over the online world. Most of them were surprised because they can’t believe that some of the celebrities that they liked were on the list of the viral shocking video.

Here are the lists of the 10 “Retokada” Pinoy Celebrities that went viral on the social media.

10. Pops Fernandez

Procedure: Nose Job

pops fernandez

She is known as the concert queen of the Philippines. She is a Filipino singer, entertainer, entrepreneur, TV host and actress.


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