Friday, March 24, 2023

13 Business Groups Affirm To Extend Help On Campaign Against Drugs

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13 business groups affirmed to help on the construction of rehabilitation centers for drug users.

13 BUSINESS GROUPS – In line with the anti-drug campaign of the government which is the prime goal of Pres. Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte, top groups in the field of business have vowed to help.

The anti-drug campaign is currently on working on its goal to totally eradicate the presence of drugs in the country. The Duterte administration and the Philippine National Police have worked together to achieve the set goal.

As the number of people who surrenders to the police authorities as drug users, pushers or protectors increases, 13 business groups have vowed to extend help as stated in the recent news report in Phil Star Global.

13 business groups
Photo lifted from Phil Star Global, Aaron Favila

Based on the report, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) expressed that 13 business groups of which belong to leading ones have affirmed to help improve the rehabilitation program.


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