Look: Current Situation Of Rehabilitation Centers In Philippines

Rehabilitation Centers

Philippine Rehabilitation Centers Current Situation Due to President Duterte’s war on drugs, drug users surrender themselves to the authority, but most of them need the assistance of rehabilitation centers. Kaya Rehab Asia at Baguio City is a private rehabilitation center designed for alcohol and illegal drug addiction. The rehab center has a monthly rate of … Read more

Rody Formally Signs Executive Order No. 4 – Support For Rehab Centers

rody formally signs

Rody formally signs the executive order ought to provide support to rehabilitation centers for drug patients. RODY FORMALLY SIGNS – Pres. Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte has formally signed the Executive Order No. 4 bound to provide support for the rehabilitation centers nationwide. Pres. Duterte’s great desire to end drug trades and clean the country from the … Read more