CRAZY! Alex Gonzaga’s ‘Chambe’ Music Video Has 7M Views Already

This is crazy! Alez Gonzaga’s ‘Chambe’ music video has already 7 million views! Alex Gonzaga, the known humorous and loving sister of Toni Gonzaga, an actress-turned-writer-vlogger-singer has made her first music video ‘Chambe’ and unexpectedly, it is loved by netizens, making it as another dance challenge in social media.

In the ‘Chambe’ music video, Alex clothed as some kind of a funky girl with her back-up dancers who are just their neighbors in Taytay, Rizal. In a report from ABS-CBN, Alex started the word ‘chambe’ from Seve’s (Toni Gonzaga’s son) who is very chubby.

Super taba niya, talagang siksik na siksik na chubby, nilagyan lang namin ng ‘m’ sa gitna, ‘chumbby’. Dahil may pagkajologs talaga siya (Alex), ginawa niyang ‘chambe,” sabi ni Toni.

Alex also revealed that the tune of the song ‘Chambe’ is from Mike Hanopol’s ‘Laki sa Layaw.’ In the said video, Alex’s family members including Toni, their parents, Seve, her boyfriend Mikee Morado, and even their helpers and cook can be seen dancing.

It’s now a dancing craze and already has 7 million views in the YouTube.

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