Alex Gonzaga Work at Diwata’s Paresan Now Trending

Alex Diwata

Alex Gonzaga’s recent video showcasing her assistance at Diwata’s Parmesan as a cook and salesperson has gone viral, drawing attention to the trending eatery. A renowned vlogger with millions of views and followers, Alex seized the opportunity to create content alongside the “Pares Queen” herself, Diwata. In the video, viewers witness Alex undergoing orientation directly … Read more

Alex Gonzaga’s “No Odor Woman” Takes the No. 1 Spot on YouTube’s Trending List

no odor woman cast

The YouTube trending charts are ablaze with excitement as Alex Gonzaga’s latest short film, “No Odor Woman,” claims the top spot. Uploaded on her official YouTube account, Alex Gonzaga Official, the short film has already amassed an impressive 1.3 million views and counting. The title, a clever play on words inspired by the iconic film … Read more

KC Montero Claims Matteo Confronting Alex Gonzaga is a Prank

KC Montero Defends Alex Gonzaga, Matteo Guidicelli Confrontation is a Prank KC MONTERO – American DJ has clarified that actor Matteo Guidicelli confronting Alex Gonzaga in Lunch Out Loud is just a prank. Because of her offensive comments about their “exes,” “Tropang LOL” host Alex came under fire from online users due to the altercation … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Makes Revelations & Defends Sister Toni Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga, Toni Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga Defends Sister Toni Gonzaga & Reveals Actress’ Personality ALEX GONZAGA – Kapamilya actress-television host Alex Gonzaga made revelations and defended her sister, Toni Gonzaga. In the Philippine entertainment industry, several actors and actresses are connected to each other in real life. Among them are actress sisters Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga. Both of … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Vlog Featuring Her Everyday Life With Son Seve Soriano

Toni Gonzaga Vlog

Here’s the newest Toni Gonzaga vlog. TONI GONZAGA VLOG – Here is the newest video blog of Kapamilya artist Toni Gonzaga featuring her everyday life with son Seve Soriano. Among the most prominent personalities in the show business industry is definitely Toni Gonzaga who also entered the world of vlogging where she can express everything … Read more