Game Developer: ‘It made me wonder how these were created’

Game developer shares reason why he engaged in that kind of work.

GAME DEVELOPER – Xeno Creatives interviewed John Entuna, a game developer in Unreal Engine, for his reason of pursuing game developing.

There are a variety of professions to choose from. There are those professions that will open you to different kinds of personalities while there are those that will task you to be your computer’s best friend.

One of those work that will pave a way for a deeper connection between a person and a computer is that of game developers. In a page in Xeno Creatives, Joshua Diokno has shared his interview with its game developers.

Game developer
Photo lifted from Xeno Creatives

One of them is John Entuna who currently holds an on-the-job training at Secret 6 as the page entailed. Secret 6 is a game development studio.

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