WATCH: This Filipino Man Proposed To Another Man, Look At His Lover’s Reaction

Kiervin Tungpalan proposed to his lover.

KIERVIN TUNGPALAN – A proposal video of Kiervin Tungpalan crosses the online platform and starts hooking the attention of netizens.

In the said video posted by Kiervin Tungpalan on YouTube, it could be seen that his lover, most likely, has no idea about the proposal and he was really surprised.

He even put his hands on his mouth upon seeing the surprise that was prepared for him. He was handed by a girl several blue balloons and on the other side of the road, there were people holding cards.

The cards stated: “Will You Marry Me”

Kiervin Tungpalan
Screengrabbed from the Video Posted by Kiervin Tungpalan on YouTube

The crowd reacted even more when a man wearing black shirt gave his lover, who was holding lots of blue balloons during that time, a bunch of flowers.

He then bent his left knee which made the crowd cheer even more. After a while, the man stood and they hugged each other.

It could be seen in the video that the proposal happened in front of Iqor – a prominent call center company.

As of the writing, more than a hundred netizens have viewed the unusual proposal.

Undeniably, Kiervin Tungpalan’s proposal is unusual considering that they are both males. This proposal is different from the many proposals that have crossed the online platform.

Surely, there are those will get inspired by this and say that indeed love wins and there are also those who may not be in favor with it.

Nevertheless, these people have their own rights.

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