Marcos Interment At LNMB: Against ‘Anti-Dictatorship’Constitution

A petition was filed at SC entails that Marcos Interment is against the ‘Anti-Dictatorship’ Constitution.

MARCOS INTERMENT – A 74-page petition filed before the Supreme Court of the Philippines pushes that the interment of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is against the ‘Anti-Dictatorship’ Constitution.

The Marcos Issue is as strong as the two sides pulling the rope behind it – the oppositions and the propositions. The country has undeniably been divided for almost 30 years when it comes to the matter.

A recent news report in Inquirer states the new challenge of the anti-Marcos to the issue of transferring his remains to the resting ground for heroes and presidents.


According to the lawyer of the Coalition Against Marcos Burial, Ibarra M. Gutierrez III, an injunction on the interment of the late dictator at LNMB was requested by the petitioners to the Supreme Court.

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