OFWs In Japan To Have A Filipino Bank, Assured By Duterte

Duterte assured the OFWs in Japan that he is planning to put up a branch of Philpost Bank to have easy banking for Filipinos there.

TOKYO, Japan – President Rodrigo Duterte immediately faced the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) shortly upon his arrivail in Japan for a three-day state visit.

His meeting with the Filipino community in Japan is his first speaking engagement in his state visit.

He told the OFWs that he has always wanted to make life comfortable for Filipinos who are working abroad and one of the measure to achieve that goal is putting up a bank for them to have an easy banking.

Duterte met OFWs in Japan
Duterte upon his arrival at the venue where he spoke to the Filipino community in Japan.

He said that one of his plans is to put up a branch of Philippine Postal (Philpost) Bank in Tokyo for the benefit of the OFWs in Japan, since only a few nowadays send letters through the Philpost because of the advanced communication means.

Apart from this, he told his countrymen that he is also planning to put up a one-stop shop, where all concerned agencies that handle the concerns of the Filipino workers, in the Philippines, dedicated for the overseas workers and also seafarers.

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