Duterte Urged By Comfort Women To Raise Their Plight To Japan’s PM

Comfort Women During WWII Urges Duterte To Raise Their Plight To Japanese Prime Minister

President Rodrigo Duterte were urged by World War II Filipino comfort women to raise their plight with Japan’s Prime Minister on their meeting.

An organization of World War II comfort women called “Lila Pilipina” executive director, Rechilda Extremadura said wants to at least mentioned them. During WWII, Filipino women were forced to work for Japanese military as comfort women.

The plight of the Filipino women has been repeatedly ignored by the previous administration, according to Rechilda. She believes and hopes that President Duterte can place the issue on the agenda for the previous leaders failed to bring the issue to Japan.

Comfort Women

Duterte is now pursuing the independent foreign policy in the country, Extremadura said that comfort women during World War II seek recognition for the slavery that they have suffered from the Japanese.

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