Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Look: Transformation Of Bearwin Meily Goes Viral

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Edd Heinrich
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Actor-comedian Bearwin Meily surprised the Netizens with his transformation.

Actor-comedian Bearwin Meily caught the attention of the online community. As his physical transformation impressed the netizens on social media.

Netizens were in great surprised when they saw the once chubby Meily flaunting his muscles, with many of them inspired by his shocking transformation.

Meiley is known as an actor-comedian who loved to blurt out “Yahoong-yahoo!”  in his shows.

Inspiring physical transformation of Bearwin Meily wows netizens
Inspiring physical transformation of Bearwin Meily

The 40-year-old comedian posted a shocking photo revealing his physical transformation.

In a viral photo uploaded on his Facebook page on Tuesday, Meily showed the product of years of undergoing strenuous workouts and lifting weights.

From comedian, Meily has turned marathoner and shared that he has become hooked into running. Since 2006, he has been joining running events that led to a physical transformation.

Inspiring physical transformation of Bearwin Meily wows netizens
Photo credits: Facebook

His photo which was uploaded on his Facebook page, now has thousands of likes and has been shared by netizens who were not only shocked but were also inspired by his transformation.

“You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change,” he captioned his photo.

From being a chubby bald man a decade ago, he has grown into a “batak” man with a robust and chiseled body.


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