Pinoys Warmly Welcome Pres. Duterte In Filipino Community Meeting, Japan

Pinoys warmly welcome the Philippine President in Japan.

PINOYS WARMLY – Pres. Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte was warmly welcomed by the Filipino people in Japan during the Filipino Community Meeting.

After Pres. Duterte’s state visit in Beijing, China which has sparked a lot of giant headlines – the ‘separation’ remarks, the accomplishments in terms of investment projects, the fishing policy in disputed islands, and other more, the 71-year-old Chief is now in Japan.

In Tokyo, Japan, Pres. Duterte came to the Filipino Community Meeting wherein he is warmly welcomed by the Filipino people.

Pinoys warmly
Screenshot from RTVM’s Video in Youtube

In the welcoming address during the event, the lady speaker, Marian Jocelyn R. Terol-Ignacio, Consul General, expressed in behalf of the Filipinos in Japan the heartfelt gratitude for the visit of the President.

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