Road Rage Incident Caught on Video: Motorist Attempts Knife Attack on a Group of Bikers

Bacolod City – A shocking road rage incident has been brought to public attention through a video uploaded by a concerned biker. The video captures a terrifying encounter in which a motorist attempted to stab a group of cyclists, raising alarm and prompting an appeal for assistance from netizens to identify the aggressor and file a police blotter report.

The video, uploaded by Facebook user Jake Bilbao and shared widely on social media, provides a disturbing account of the incident. It begins with the motorist honking his horn in an apparent attempt to signal the group of cyclists. However, the bikers appear not to respond to the initial honk. Frustrated, the motorist honks his horn again, this time with a more extended blast.

As the motorist overtakes the cyclists, a heated exchange ensues. He stops his vehicle, confronts the bikers, and engages in a verbal altercation with them. It is during this confrontation that the shocking incident unfolds.

Upon exiting his vehicle, the motorist is seen reaching into his utility box, where he retrieves a knife and attempts to stab one of the cyclists. The quick reactions of the cyclists prevent any physical harm, as they manage to evade the knife-wielding aggressor.

In response to the incident, the cyclist who captured the video took to social media, sharing the footage and appealing to netizens for help in identifying the motorist involved. The cyclists are seeking assistance to ensure that the incident is properly reported to law enforcement authorities.

The video has since garnered significant attention, with numerous individuals expressing their shock and outrage at the incident. Many have joined the call to identify the motorist and have urged the cyclists to file a police blotter report to initiate legal proceedings against the aggressor.

This disturbing road rage incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that confrontations on the road can pose. It underscores the importance of maintaining composure and civility while driving and the need for prompt reporting of such incidents to law enforcement agencies. As the investigation continues, the community remains vigilant in promoting road safety and justice for all.

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