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GSIS INSURANCE: List of Life Insurance Policies for GSIS Members

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List of GSIS Insurance Policies Members Can Choose From

GSIS INSURANCE – Here is an overview of the insurance policies for the members of the Government Service Insurance System.

One of the biggest insurance institutions in the Philippines is the Government Service Insurance System. More commonly called as GSIS, its members are mostly employees in the government agencies and the public sector.

Under the GSIS membership, a member should pay for the GSIS monthly contribution and as well as have a life insurance.

GSIS Insurance

Based on the official website of the Government Service Insurance System, it is mandatory for the members of the social insurance institution to choose between the two(2) GSIS insurance policies offered:

  • Life Endowment Policy (LEP)
  • Enhanced Life Policy (ELP)


According to GSIS, the LEP was designed to provide a member of the social insurance institution with a life insurance while he or she is still in active service. Upon reaching the maturity of their insurance policy, the members can avail the maturity benefits.


The ELP started to take effect on August 1, 2003 according to GSIS. It provides new members with an automatic annual insurance coverage based on their monthly compensation. Also, this insurance program was designed to provide a death benefit for the family of the deceased GSIS member.

The following members are covered under this insurance program:

  • Those who entered the service starting August 1, 2003;
  • Those whose policies matured on or after July 31, 2003, and who will continue to be active members after the maturity date; and
  • Those who opted or will opt to convert their LEP into ELP.

If you are a GSIS member and has an insurance policy, you may apply for a loan depending on which policy you are covered by. Visit – GSIS POLICY LOAN: How Much Is Loanable Under the GSIS Policy Loans.

For queries and concerns, you may reach out to the GSIS through their official website. Visit –

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