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SSS LOANS: 3 SSS Loan Offers For Members & How To Apply For Them

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List of 3 SSS Loans & How Members Can Apply for Them

SSS LOANS – Here is a list of the three(3) loan offers of the Social Security System to its members and how to apply for them.

One of the biggest social insurance institutions in the Philippines is the Social Security System. More commonly called as SSS, this social insurance institution got thousands of members across the nation.

Most employees in private companies and sectors are registered to the SSS. Many individuals who own businesses or those who are self-employed are also members of the social insurance institution.

Thus, many are enjoying the SSS benefits and privileges that the social insurance institution offer to its members. It got several benefits including loan offers – SSS Salary Loan, SSS Housing Loan, and SSS Business Loan.

SSS Loans

Do you want to know more about the three(3) loan offers of the Social Security System? Here is a list of the loans and how to apply for them including the requirements that you have to prepare:

SSS Salary Loan

The salary loan is provided by the social insurance institution for employees to assist them in making ends meet. Through it, they can borrow the amount which is not less than one(1) monthly salary and pay it in installment.

To apply, visit – SSS SALARY LOAN.

SSS Housing Loan

The SSS Housing Loan is for the purpose of house renovation. It is perfect for SSS members who wanted to have their house repaired but are in need of money for it.

To apply, visit – SSS Housing Loan.

SSS Business Loan

Are you craving for a business expansion? You may apply for SSS Business Loan. This type of loan covers a wide range of purposes related to business including the increase for working capital.

To apply, visit – SSS Business Loan.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to your inquiry on SSS Loans. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.


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