Photography Hacks For Mobile Phones With Professional-Like Results


Here are some of the photography hacks for mobile phones that have professional-like results

These photography hacks for mobile phones assured professional-like results in your photos.

No need to worry how to make your shots creative and unique, just follow these simple steps.

Improvised tripod

Use binder clips to hold your phone and you can easily snap photos without holding your device.

Photo source: Lumsing

Grid feature

Turn on the grid feature in your phone’s camera app to compose your shots.

Photo source: iPhone Life

Cardboard cutouts

Use cardboard cutouts to create personalized bokeh effect.

Photo source: Make use of

Earphone button

You can use your phone for selfie without holding it, just use the earphone like a trigger

Photo source: How To Geek

Personalized color filters

Use transparent colored folders to create your personalized filters and attach them together with a ring hook.

Photo source: Diply

Creative shadows

Use colander or any thing with patterns to create that artistic shadow on your subject.

Photo source: Shutterbug


Put a prism in front of your camera to have this patterns in your photos.

Photo source: Get Fractals

Underwater shot

Place your phone inside a sealed plastic container to create this fantastic result.

Photo source: Pop Sugar/Picture Correct

Dreamy effect

Apply petroleum jelly on your phone’s camera lens to have this result.

Photo source: Shutterbug

Multiple copies of subject

Use the panorama feature in camera app and see the amazing photo you can snap.

Photo source: DIY Photography

Cool filter

Spray water on your glasses and place it in front of the camera to create this effect on your subject.

Photo source: Filmora MV

Zoom in

Use binoculars to have a clear zoom in shot of your subject.

Photo osurce: Zeiss

Proper exposure

Use sunglasses to achieve proper exposure while shooting outdoor.

Photo source: DIY Photography

Flash power

Use the flash in your camera app to create shadows over your subject.

Photo source: Filmora MV

Micro images

To achieve beautiful micro images, put water droplet in front of your camera lens.

Photo source: Wonder How To

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