SPICY FOODS: 5 Surprising Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know Yet


Here are some of the surprising benefits of spicy foods.

SPICY FOODS – These surprising health benefits from spicy foods, that you probably didn’t know yet, would make you want to add some spice and hotness in your meal.

Eating is always a part of everyone’s routine. If you’re sad, happy, needed to celebrate something, having get-together, and among others wouldn’t be all complete with the absence of foods to eat. However, having too much of everything is bad. For health reason, eat moderately in order to avoid diseases and obesity.

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Each of us definitely has respective preferred taste – sweet, bitter, sour, sugary, and among others. But of all these tastes, only a few food addicts got really enthusiastic into spicy foods as it has an unbearable flavor. In a previous article, they contain capsaicin which is an ideal element to lose some pounds as it accordingly improves one’s metabolism.

Spicy Foods
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Now, according to lifehack.org, here are some other benefits we can get from spicy foods:

  • Protects Heart

Accordingly, there was a study that has shown that those cultures with spicy diet registered much lower incidence of heart attack and stroke. This is probably because of capsaicin that helps fight inflammation which is one of the things that causes heart attacks.

  • Longevity Benefits

According to a large 2015 study by Harvard and China National Center for Disease Control and PreventionTrusted Source, discovered that those who eat spicy foods everyday even just once a day lowers death by 14%.

  • Cancer Prevention

Capsaicin, a major chemical that produces the burning effect and an active component of chili peppers, according to some medical professionals, “potentially kill off leukemic cells and slow the growth of deadly tumors.”

  • Produces “Happy” Hormones

Reportedly, it causes brain to produce the “happy” such as serotonin which we can use to combat depression, anxiety, anger, and stress.

  • Pain Reliever

How does spice relieves pain? According to the article, the “capsaicin is able to inhibit certain signals sent from your nerve cells to your brain, deadening any sensation of pain you might be feeling.”

Note: Excessive and large consumption, however, of spicy foods might have bad effects such as heartburn. As stated above, too much of something can lead to unwanted incidents, thus, take everything in moderation.

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