Personal Safety | Ways to Secure Yourself and Your Things Safely


Have you ever experienced being a victim of theft? How can you secure yourself and your things as well?

Personal safety is important in today’s time. It includes securing yourself from harm and securing your things on the road as well.

personal safety
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Personal safety starts today! Here’s how can you secure yourself and your things anywhere safely.

Always be aware of your things on your person or left behind you

Look around! Don’t be too confident about yourself because you don’t know how other people’s mind works. Always have a glance on your things and double-check on what’s inside.

Separate your sources of cash; never all in one bag or wallet

If your bag has a lot of zippers and pockets, just use it as an opportunity to separate all your important documents, money and ATM cards inside. Don’t just put it all on a single place.

Scan your travel documents as well as photocopying them

Just secure a photocopy of all of your documents or have it scanned and save it online. And if your documents get stolen, the first thing you should do is to cancel your cards and file a police report as soon as possible.

Make sure a friend is aware of your situation

It’s okay if you travel alone. Just make sure that your partner or your parents must know your whereabouts and keep them up to date.

Walk facing the traffic or on a part of the sidewalk that gives you maximum visibility of others

Just go to a visible place just to assure yourself that you’re in a safe place. Be aware of those around you also walking because they know the area better and if they snatched your things, they could disappear into the crowd very easily.

Don’t flaunt your possessions

Don’t show your gadgets and money publicly because that will catch the criminal’s attention and attempt to steal it from you.

Make your information totally unstealable

Secure your information and documents in a way that no one can steal it for you. Otherwise, criminals will use your documents in doing illegal transactions.

According to Benny Lewis, “be safe, but don’t be scared.”

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