Guide on How Much You Need To Prepare for the Aficionado Perfume Franchise Fee

AFICIONADO PERFUME FRANCHISE FEE – Here is a guide on how much you need to prepare in franchising Aficionado.

In the Philippines, there are a lot of perfume brands that have built a name in the business industry. One of them is Aficionado, a brand owned by businessman Joel Cruz. It does not only offer captivating scents but as well as business opportunities and services to other people.

The said perfume company offers franchising, dealership, distributorship, and tolling. In this article, we will discuss about its franchise offer.

Based on the official website of Aficionado, the franchising of this perfume brand features the usage of SAP, an efficient enterprise resource planning. The return of investment is expected to not exceed 18 months.

Aficionado Perfume Franchise Fee

Based on an article on Franchise Manila, it was after his 5th years on the business when Mr. Joel Cruz, the president and CEO, of the company decided to have franchising offers. With regards to the Aficionado perfume franchise fee, an aspiring franchisee should prepare at least Php 288,000.00.

Aficionado Perfume Franchise Fee – Php 288,000.00

To apply for a partnership with Aficionado, you may start your application online by sending a letter to the perfume brand company through is official website –

Click on “Services” and look for the “FRANCHISE” category which offers the signing up button. Click it and be ready to provide your full name, email address, contact number, and message to the company regarding your intention or purpose.

The perfume company may respond to you through the contact details you provided. Based on the article, the company prefers franchise locations such as malls and commercial establishments.

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