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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Common Signs, Symptoms 30 Days Before Heart Attack

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Signs And Symptoms Of Incoming Heart Attack

A heart attack can be fatal, painful, and worst it can even take your life, everybody should know its early signs and symptoms to prevent it.

It happens when the oxygen-rich blood section of our heart muscle was blocked and can’t get enough oxygen. The heart muscle starts to die if the flow of blood will not be immediately restored due blockage in the arteries.

This blockage can cause loss of blood supply to our tissues and can kill our tissues. A heart attack could be fatal, painful, and can permanently disable a person. Men were more prone to heart attack compared to women.

Heart Attack

Women were provided information by their physicians during consultation while men don’t have that sufficient information about heart attack. But this condition can be prevented by changing lifestyle, having a healthy diet, and relaxing a little bit can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Few days before the heart attack strikes, several signs and symptoms already occur without the notice of patients. Those signs are important to be recognized that may be a warning for the incoming heart attack. Here are some signs and symptoms you should recognize before heart attack strikes.

Shortness of Breath

It signifies that the amount of blood going to the heart were insufficient and also causes trouble in the lungs, resulting a trouble in breathing.

Heart Attack

Dizziness with Cold Sweats

It indicates poor blood circulation that restricts the flow of blood to the brain.

Chest Pressure

This symptom occurs before the first heart attack and causes discomfort in the chest area.


Flu, cough, and cold symptoms could be a sign of incoming heart attack, if not sure. it is the best to see a doctor.


If our heart will not receive a sufficient amount of blood supply, the arteries will work harder than the normal and may cause drowsiness and fatigue.


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